Professional Development and Business Development Resources

Speaker Series

Our UCSB I&E series of seminars, networking events, and skill workshops are an important component of the AB2664 initiative on campus. Comprising networking mixers, seminars, skills workshops, local biotech industry showcase events,  topics range from entrepreneur career talks and panel discussions, training sessions for funding opportunities, and  navigating the venture capital arena. The programming aims to meet the interests of our campus and local community and to include the variety of perspectives that enhance diversity of thought, background, and expertise among innovators. Events are advertised broadly through campus and community listservs.

Contact: Arica Lubin, Emily Cotter, Sherylle Mills Englander

Entrepreneur Stories

In addition to opportunities to mentor students, trainees, and faculty in entrepreneurship through seminar and campus engagements, in-person networking and mentorship exchanges, we have also worked to produce a series of short advice films from our local entrepreneurs, many of whom are UCSB alumni. Through this story project entrepreneurs share their stories of entrepreneurship and offer advice to current and future entrepreneurs.

Contact: Arica Lubin


The CNSI SEED-TECH Grants provide campus researchers with funding to support a demonstration of commercial value and/or commercial viability for UCSB technology, and to develop the technology towards a marketable outcome. Ultimately the SEED-TECH grants should enable one or more of the following:

  1. A spin-out company 
  2. A licensing deal for intellectual property
  3. A new or expanded corporate sponsored research agreement

These awards can support direct costs of up to $50,000 over a period of 12 months. Information on dates for the next call can be found here.

Contact: Tal Margalith


SEED-MVP, a proof of concept program, was launched through the Eco-Entrepreneurship program at the Bren School to fund select, focused, small-scale prototypes and/or pilot projects designed to gather data on customer demand and insights. The program’s goal is to increase a team’s confidence in launching a venture and to pave an easier road for early stage investment. SEED-MVP focused on campus entrepreneurs who have completed or are enrolled in UCSB’s entrepreneurship programs, and who are taking on the challenge of developing new markets. The program also aimed to expand UCSB’s focus on serving underrepresented women and social impact entrepreneurs. Grants were issued to two startups in June 2017 and additional funds will be available to teams through a proposal process in Spring 2018.

Contact: Emily Cotter


UCSB secured a subscription to Pitchbook in early summer, taking advantage of discounted pricing offered through the recently negotiated UC system master agreement. UCSB’s technology transfer office uses Pitchbook on a weekly basis to provide insights into UCSB startup activities as well as to research startup investment trends both locally and regionally.  Pitchbook has also helped UCSB identify potentially interested investors for various individual UCSB startups engaging in active fundraising rounds.

Contact: Sherylle Mills Englander

Office of Technology & Industry Alliances

The Office of Technology & Industry Alliances (TIA) manages the intellectual property developed through research at UCSB and manages agreements with industry partners as part of research collaborations. TIA negotiates licensing and research agreements through one office. The main goal of TIA is to build longterm relationships between the university and industry partners.

Contact: Sherylle Mills Englander